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Latest News & Updates at McConvey Cycles

Irish CX championships Enniscrone

McConvey Cycles | 13/01/2020 20:00:00

Niall Mcloughlin Pretty cool to pull off a win at the National cyclocross champs yesterday in Enniscrone, thanks to everyone involved in the organization was a really sweet event. Also unreal result from Anthony Murray coming 7th in the senior men’s race today. Thomas Creighton Stoked with.... More

Retul Lite

McConvey Cycles | 11/06/2019 11:10:59

Retul Lite We dubbed our second dedicated bike Fit area, Retul Lite. Our goal is that every rider gets a Bike Setup before taking their new bike out the door. And anyone can avail of it. It Includes adjustment of: -Saddle height -Saddle fore/aft -Saddle tilt -Handlebar/stem setup -Shoe & cleat setup.... More

Smart Trainer Bike Fit

McConvey Cycles | 03/06/2019 20:00:00

Using a smart trainer during a bike fit allows are fitters to simulate real road conditions, resistance can be adjusted to each riders ability for a true dynamic bike fit.     Blog Search Tags: All, Bikefit

Retul Vantage 3D Motion Capture System

McConvey Cycles | 03/06/2019 20:00:00

Retül Vantage 3D Motion Capture System The Retül Vantage 3D motion capture hardware is a marker based optical tracking system. It tracks Infrared (IR) light emitted by light-emitting-diodes (LEDs). The 4 glass filters on the front of the unit triangulate the position of the LEDs in 3D space. Accuracy & Speed:The system individually tracks up to 15.... More

Retül's Müve dynamic fit bike

McConvey Cycles | 03/06/2019 20:00:00

Retül's Müve dynamic fit bike the Retül Müve allows fitters to change a rider’s position on the fly via a series of linear bearings and smooth-running hand cranks, all without having to make the rider dismount and remount with each change.          Blog Search Tags: All, Bikefit

Body Geometry Fit

McConvey Cycles | 01/05/2019 15:05:00

Body Geometry Fit was what specialized first referred to as a bike fit, With direction from Dr. Andy Pruitt Ed.D., PA of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine Body Gemoetry fitters had extensive training in the pre-fit Physical Assessment, In 2012 Specialized acquired Retul. The 2 systems together are what makes this a superior fit system, however many.... More

Our new bike fitting Video

McConvey Cycles | 18/03/2019 20:00:00

We wanted to set ourselves a target to help show our customers what a bikefit is all about, and to help push the message all bike fits are not the same. this is the video we will have on our new bikefitting page shortly. A proper bike fit is one of the single most important factors for optimal.... More

International Bike Fitting Institute

McConvey Cycles | 22/11/2018 16:42:00

Its not just the Equipment, The bike fitters experience is the most important part of a bike fit. The International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) is an international organisation developing a global standard for the bike fitting industry. By providing an internationally-recognised accreditation scheme, IBFI protects established, trained bike fitters while.... More

International Symposium for Cycling Optimization

McConvey Cycles | 09/11/2018 11:14:00

GebioMized, Muenster, Germany 14/11/18          Organised by GebioMized, our pressure mapping partners, this week long conference furthered our education in all things bikefitting. Lance & Connor witnessed some incredible lectures from leading experts in the Bike fitting, Physiotherapy, Biomechanics & Aerodynamic world. The Interactive workshops throughout the weekend delved deeper into specific areas & allowed us to get to.... More

Retul Match

McConvey Cycles | 24/04/2018 13:08:00

WHAT IS MATCH? Have you ever wondered what size bike you should ride, or where to start when getting into a new style of riding? Maybe you’re unsure how cycling shoes should fit, or if the new pair you're eyeing fits differently than the ones you currently wear? With our Match System, you're able to answer.... More

Our Bike Fit Services Flyer

McConvey Cycles | 30/01/2018 16:30:14

Check our Bikefitter’s availability       Blog Search Tags: All, Bikefit

Bike Fit with Pressure Mapping

McConvey Cycles | 25/01/2018 14:34:00

A correctly fitted bike is the single most important factor for any cyclist. It ensures: Increased Comfort Increased Efficiency & Power transfer Injury prevention. The selection of frame sizes afforded to us by bike manufactures isn’t enough! Our initial Body Geometry Pre fit assessment, carried out by our Trained Fitters, captures the riders own.... More

Triathlon/Time Trial Bike Fit with Pressure Mapping

McConvey Cycles | 25/01/2018 14:30:00

Fitting to a time trial or triathlon bike is fundamentally different to a standard bike fit. Additionally, the variety of races within each of these disciplines- whether it’s a 10 mile TT, sprint triathlon or Ironman, places different demands on the athlete. And so a very specific bike fit is required. We take into account the specific biomechanics.... More

GebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping

McConvey Cycles | 25/01/2018 14:20:00

A Correctly fitted saddle is of vital importance to any cyclist. It allows us to be comfortable in the saddle, reduces any areas of numbness or hotspots, creates a more stable platform to generate power from and influences our general position on the bike. The latest saddle pressure mapping technology from GebioMized, with its 64 sensors located on.... More

GebioMized Hands Pressure Mapping

McConvey Cycles | 25/01/2018 14:10:00

   Pressure mapping helps us to alleviate hand pain, pins and needles and numb fingers.     Blog Search Tags: All, Bikefit
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