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    Latest News & Updates at McConvey Cycles

    Retul Match

    McConvey Cycles | 24/04/2018 16:42:03

    The Perfect Fit for Every Aspect of Your Ride Match is an advanced measurement platform designed to quickly and consistently collect basic sizing metrics. In as little as fifteen minutes Match gathers rider data and offers precise recommendations for frame size, seat height, saddle width, and shoe size. The suggestions generated are not just offered.... More

    Bike Fit Services

    McConvey Cycles | 30/01/2018 16:30:14

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    Bike Fit with Pressure Mapping

    McConvey Cycles | 25/01/2018 14:34:00

    Bike fit with pressure mapping £199 3 hours  A correctly fitted bike is the single most important factor for any cyclist. It ensures: Increased Comfort Increased Efficiency & Power transfer Injury prevention. The selection of frame sizes afforded to us by bike manufactures isn’t.... More

    Triathlon/Time Trial Bike Fit with Pressure Mapping

    McConvey Cycles | 25/01/2018 14:30:00

    Triathlon/Time Trial with pressure mapping £199 3 hours      Fitting to a time trial or triathlon bike is fundamentally different to a standard bike fit. Additionally, the variety of races within each of these disciplines- whether it’s a 10 mile TT, sprint triathlon or Ironman, places different demands on the athlete. And so a very specific bike fit is required..... More

    GebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping

    McConvey Cycles | 25/01/2018 14:20:00

    GebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping £75.00 1.5 hour A Correctly fitted saddle is of vital importance to any cyclist. It allows us to be comfortable in the saddle, reduces any areas of numbness or hotspots, creates a more stable platform to generate power from and influences our general position on the bike. The latest saddle pressure mapping.... More

    GebioMized Hands Pressure Mapping

    McConvey Cycles | 25/01/2018 14:10:00

    GebioMized Hands Pressure Mapping £75.00 1.5 hour Pressure mapping helps us to alleviate hand pain, pins and needles and numb fingers. Blog Search Tags: All, Bikefit window.handleIFrameMessage = function(e) { var args = e.data.split(":"); var iframe = false; if (args.length > 2) { iframe = document.getElementById("JotFormIFrame-" + args[2]);.... More

    Custom Footbeds

    McConvey Cycles | 25/01/2018 14:00:00

    Custom Footbeds £105 1 hour No two pairs of feet are the same. In fact, neither of a riders two feet are identical. These differences may occur when the feet are static, or more commonly- when a pedalling force is applied. This is where our Retul Custom Futbeds come in. They mould exactly and precisely to the.... More

    Bike Sizing & Consulting

    McConvey Cycles | 25/01/2018 13:50:00

    Bike sizing & Consulting £50.00 1 hour When it comes to buying a new frame or bike, choosing the right size can be difficult. The myriad of different frame styles and sizes, and the fact all riders will be proportionately different further complicates this. Our Bike Sizing service will let you know exactly what.... More

    2nd Bike Fit

    McConvey Cycles | 25/01/2018 13:40:00

    2nd Bike fit £75.00 1.5hour When you’ve had one bike correctly set up, it makes sense that when you ride another bike it’s exactly the same. We use the rider’s bike fit data from our first session, and precisely replicate it to the second (similar style of) bike. All factors regarding the different components on.... More

    Cycling Shoes and Cleat Setup

    McConvey Cycles | 25/01/2018 13:30:00

    Cycling Shoes and Cleat setup Free when buying new shoes 30 minutes £25.00 Feet are the basis of perfect cycling biomechanics. Correct shoe and cleat setup will improve cycling comfort, power and reduce the risk of injury. Our bike fitters assess your foot anatomy, taking into account your: foot length, arch height, foot.... More

    Retul DSD Saddle Fit

    McConvey Cycles | 25/01/2018 13:10:00

    Retul DSD Saddle fit 15 minutes Free when  buying a saddle Does finding the right saddle sound like.... More
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