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Bike Fit with Pressure Mapping

Words by McConvey Cycles

on 25/01/2018 14:34:00

IMG_7140A correctly fitted bike is the single most important factor for any cyclist. It ensures:

Increased Comfort

Increased Efficiency & Power transfer

Injury prevention.

The selection of frame sizes afforded to us by bike manufactures isn’t enough!

Our initial Body Geometry Pre fit assessment, carried out by our Trained Fitters, captures the riders own make-up and biomechanics. The body is analysed from head to toe, examining flexibility, skeletal structure, body alignment, musculature strength and imbalances. The rider interview studies your riding experience, injury history, cycling goals and current lifestyle.

This is arguably the most important aspect of the Fit- It’s what allows us to address your individual needs and match your equipment to your body’s capabilities.

Using Retul Vantage Motion Capture System, with it’s 16 sensors placed on the body, data on the rider’s dynamic  position is collected and assessed. Equipment changes are made in real time to dial you into the perfect position. 

We use Retul’s Digitil Sitbone Device to accurately measure your sit bone width. GebioMized pressure mapping captures exactly how much and where the rider’s pressure is on the saddle. Using these in conjunction, we can objectively determine which saddle, in which position, will be the most supportive and comfortable for the rider.

Shoe and cleat set-up is made referencing the Body Geometry fit. We measure the size of your feet, forefoot angle and arch height. The pedal cleats will be set in the correct position . With Custom  insoles & Wedges fitted where required.

The bike fit can be carried out either on:

Retuls Muve bike. This allows on the fly adjustments to be made seamlessly and precisely. It’s ideal if the correct bike size is still to be determined when buying a new bike. 

Smart Trainer with the rider’s own bike. This closely replicates cycling outside, giving a true snapshot on how the changes take effect under load in the real world.

A detailed Fit Report is provided at the end of the fit. This includes: 

Accurate bike measurements, captured using Retul Zin tool.

A bilateral report of the rider’s on bike position.

Before & After photos. 

Any recommendations regarding stretching & muscle stability, that we feel will improve your cycling.   

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