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GebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping

Words by McConvey Cycles

on 25/01/2018 14:20:00

GebioMized Saddle Pressure MappingA Correctly fitted saddle is of vital importance to any cyclist. It allows us to be comfortable in the saddle, reduces any areas of numbness or hotspots, creates a more stable platform to generate power from and influences our general position on the bike.

The latest saddle pressure mapping technology from GebioMized, with its 64 sensors located on the saddle, provides live data capture and instant onscreen analysis on how the rider is positioned. It dynamically and objectively measures the rider’s pressure across all planes of the saddle and how stable the rider’s pelvis is on it.

This, accompanied with our fitters biomechanical and physiological cycling knowledge allows us to:

Choose the correct saddle shape and width

Make precise adjustments to saddle position

Adjust Handlebar Reach and Stack

These are done with the goal of optimizing nerve, soft tissue and skeletal pressure on the saddle; ensuring that comfortable, safe, stable and more powerful seated riding position.

Occasionally, saddle discomfort is caused by other Bike Fit related issues. If you haven’t already had a Bike Fit, in some cases we may recommend it to improve your ride experience.

GebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping 1.5 hour

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