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McConvey Cycles E-Bikes Buyers Guide Basics

Words by McConvey Cycles

on 03/09/2019 20:00:00

McConvey Cycles E-Bikes Buyers Guide BasicsA Quick Introduction to E-bikes by Eamon Mcconvey Jnr.


The e-bike world can be a bit confusing because there is so much choice at such different prices.

To make it easy for you we broke it down into four components to consider when buying an e bike. They are:





Bike: The quality of the bike is going to have a impact on not only the price but a heavier bike will drain more battery power than a lighter one but a bike that has so little material that it has a weak frame it will break.

Battery: the quality of the battery is probably the biggest issue as a low quality battery is cheaper but will not last long (approx 2 years).

A better quality battery costs more but will last longer ( approx 6years) so a lot more life out of it for probably £400 more.

Motor:  the type of motor that suits you depends on the type of cycling you want to do. Mountain bikes are different from road bikes the same way motors for e- mountain bikes is different from e-road bikes.

Aftercare:  having a place where you can come back and ask a qualified staff questions and to preform up keep of bikes is vital as all bikes run different operating systems so you can’t bring it anywhere . Just like you can’t bring a Peugeot to a Renault garage and ask them to plug it in.

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